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AIM HIE Consulting & Expertise

Real world health information exchange, HIE consulting, planning, implementation, operations and financing experience.

HIE Consulting: What We Do for HIEs & Health Organizations

HIE Strategic and Operational Planning

AIM HIE Consulting has helped numerous start-up and seasoned organizations establish strong strategic and operational plans that position them to grow their services and geographical coverage leading to sustainable financial and technical operations.

Organizational Development

A strong organizational structure is imperative to successful and sustainable HIE operations. AIM HIE Consulting has demonstrated experience with developing HIE organizational infrastructures and operations from the ground up as well as redefining organizations to position them to adapt to changing needs and demands from their health care communities.

HIE & Business Development

Our approach to business development is proven and has resulted in widespread adoption and use of HIE services including physical, behavioral, and dental health and social service providers, consumers and payers. Our HIE and Business development services are founded on the customer’s vision and goals for the organization and provide tools and services to achieve long-term success.

Privacy and Security

Paramount to community support and adoption of HIEs is their ability to engender confidence among consumers their providers and those who pay for their care. AIM offers subject matter expertise in applying Federal law governing the exchange of health information and has developed breakthroughs in sharing substance use treatment data across health and social service organizations in compliance with 42 CFR Part 2.

Financial Planning and Sustainability

AIM provides services that address all of the components for establishing sound financial viability – from developing diversified revenue and sustainability models based on valued services to facilitating stakeholder commitment and preparing successful grant applications.

Project Management

Using industry standard approaches coupled with our expertise developed over 20+ years in the industry, our team is nationally known for its successful HIE consulting, development and management in both large and small states, rural and urban environments.