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Market Saturation

Achieve market penetration through actionable strategies that align with your organizational goals.





Health IT Innovation

Expert integration of innovative healthcare technology and business tools for strategic growth.






Program Management

Funding, governance and program development paired with management services and process training.



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Our ‘AIM’ is to revolutionize the healthcare system in unprecedented ways with real-time, accessible, actionable information that improves patient care.

AIM offers services and expertise to help communities become viable in a value-based payment environment by integrating social indicators along with physical, behavioral, and dental health information.

Gina Bianco,
President, Advances in Management



Advances in Management, Inc.: The Journey to HIE Sustainability

There is widespread consensus that health information exchange (HIE) forms the bedrock for achieving true interoperability, enhancing the quality and efficiency of healthcare. As focus shifts to patient-centered care, the role of HIE is amplified. The ACA and 21st Century Cares Act have stimulated demand for actionable data for aggregation and information analysis, but challenges remain for HIEs. Find out how AIM is breaking down these barriers for HIEs in this featured article in Healthcare Tech Outlook.

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Exceed goals though market intelligence, collaboration & outcome-driven approaches


Strategically optimize performance through vision and innovation


Revolutionize operations to generate demand and realize sustainable growth

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